Two Alumnae joined the research team of the The Jagiellonians: Dynasty, Memory and Identity in Central Europe project

Image courtesy of Bodleian Library. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Ms. Rawl. liturg. d. 6, fol. 15r. Prayer book of King Wladislas (probably Wladislas II Jagiellon, King of Bohemia and Hungary)

The alumnae of Medieval Studies Department, Giedre Mickunaite and Stanislava Kuzmova, have joined the research team of an ERC-funded project The Jagiellonians: Dynasty, Memory and Identity in Central Europe based at the History Faculty, University of Oxford.
The Jagiellonians (1386-1596), stemming from Lithuania and Poland, were one of the important families in late medieval and early modern Europe, ruling lands which constitute no fewer than 14 present-day states. Our alumnae work as research associates for the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Kingdom of Hungary, respectively. The project, led by Dr Natalia Nowakowska, aims to offer a new study of the Jagiellonians as a major international political phenomenon and explore how dynasties functioned in general. The team also examines their legacy by looking at the highly divergent ways in which they have been remembered across Central Europe.
To find out more about the project, check the website or follow them on Twitter @Jagiellonians.