Fall term 2014

September 22- December 12, 2014

I. One-year MA and Two-year MA Programs

1. Mandatory Classes [two credits]

1.2 Topical Survey Classes (2YMA-first-year), jointly convened by the Departments of Medieval Studies and History [two credits]
2YMA–first-year students must choose two out of three classes.

2. Core Classes (2hrs) Plus Tutorial Elements [two+two credits]

3. Elective Classes [two credits]

3.1. Crosslisted Elective Classes [two credits]
All courses from SRS and all Ottoman courses are crosslisted.

4.1 Source Language Training Classes [two credits]
See the SLTG offers at http://sourcelanguages.ceu.hu/courses.

4.2 Advanced Source Language Practice & Textual Skills [two credits]
See the PhD program, no. (II.2.2)—1YMA and 2YMA students are explicitly encouraged to attend 


II. PhD Program

1. Mandatory Seminars [two credits]

2.1 Research Methodology Classes [two credits]

2.2 Cross-listed  Classes

2.3 Academic practica [one credit]


3. Advanced Source Language Practice & Textual Skills [two credits]