MA Students

Academic Year 2014/15

One-Year MA (Medieval Studies)

  • BURIC, Vanja | Croatia
    Thesis topic: The Reaction to the Siege of Zara in Western Christendom
    Supervisor: Nagy
  • FILIMON, Florin | Romania
    Thesis topic: Pillars of the Community: Rhetoric, History, and Exegesis in the Life of Alypius the Stylite
    Supervisor: Menze, Perczel
  • ILKO, Krisztina | Hungary
    Thesis topic: The Iconographical and Theological Context of the Frescoes of Zseliz
    Supervisor: Klaniczay, Szakacs, Saghy
  • KUMIC, Lea | Croatia
    Thesis topic: Social Criticism in Naljeskovic's Comedies
    Supervisors: Jaritz
  • LAGINJA, Matea | Croatia
    Thesis topic: The Black Death in Medieval Croatia and England, a Comparative Study
    Supervisor: Jaritz, Szende
  • MCMAHON, Lucas | Canada
    Thesis topic: Understanding the Context of 'De Velitatione'
    Supervisor: Gaul, Menze
  • NAGY, Peter | Hungary
    Thesis topic: Islamic Artefacts in 12-13th c. Hungary
    Supervisor: Szakacs, Laszlovszky
  • NEKIC, Antun | Croatia
    Thesis topic: Oligarchs, King and Local Community: Medieval Slavonia 1301-1343
    Supervisor: Szende 
  • PETROVIC, Miso | Croatia
    Thesis topic: Popes, Prelates, Pretenders. The role of the high clergy of Croatia, Dalmatia and Slavonia in the fight for the Hungarian throne in the 14th century
    Supervisor: Jaritz, Szende
  • RAKOS-ZICHY, Johanna | Hungary
    Thesis topic: Public or Private Affair? Questions of Burial through the eyes of Bishops in Late Antiq
    Supervisor: Saghy
  • SCHEERS, Joost | The Netherlands
    Thesis topic: Episcopal Authority in the Ostrogothic Kingdom, AD 493 - 535
    Supervisor: Saghy, Menze
  • SIVEK, Liat | Israel
    Thesis topic: The Cosmology of Yom Tov Lipmann Mühlhausen in Practice
    Supervisor: Wilke
Alisik, Emir | Turkey
Thesis topic: Clash of Utopia and Reality: Urban Topography of Mistra and Plethon's Suggestions on It
Supervisors:  Gaul, Niels; Gereby, Gyorgy; Szende, Katalin
Antonic, Nikolina | Croatia
Thesis topic: Contribution to the Research of Bijelo Brdo Culture: Settlement at the Site SepkovcicaSupervisor: Laszlovszky, Jozsef; Rasson, Judith; Ziemann, Daniel
Barath, Anita Karmen| Hungary
Thesis topic: Wall Paintings as Archaeological Resources
Supervisors: Laszlovszky, Jozsef; Szakacs Bela Zsolt
Belucz, Monika| Hungary
Thesis topic: Eastern Monasticism and Western Church in Late Antiquity: The Case of Early Irish Church History
Supervisor: Saghy, Marianne
D'Albini, Zsuzsa| Hungary
Thesis topic: Iconographic Analysis of the Image of Byzantine Court Dancers in the Middle Byzantine Era
Supervisors: Christidou; Gaul, Niels; Szakacs, Bela Zsolt;
Gonella, Giacomo| Italy
Thesis topic: Early-Medieval Pottery from Friuli (Italy) and the Territory of Aquileia
Supervisors: Barbiera, Irene; Laszloszky, Jozsef
Gyarmati, Sandor| Hungary
Thesis topic: Economy and Economic Connections of Late Medieval Towns in the Northern Part of Hungarian Kingdom
Supervisor: Nagy, Balazs; Szende Katalin
Jambrek, Anita| Croatia
Thesis topic: Talking Pictures - Art as a Form of Communication in Medieval Ages
Supervisors: Jaritz, Gerhard; Klaniczay, Gabor; Szakacs , Bela Zsolt
Juganaru, Andra| Hungary
Thesis topic: Daily Life in Double and Mixed Monasteries between Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages
Supervisors: Saghy, Marianne; Menze, Volke

Two-Year MA (Historical Studies: Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies)

Year One (2014/2015-2015/2016)
  • AHUNANYA, Kelechi | Nigeria
    Thesis topic: The Challenges of Visual Artistic production in the Byzantine Period
  • KONOVA, Mariia | Ukraine
    Thesis topic: Perception of Death in High Middle Ages in Eastern Europe
  • KUSHUBEKOV, Aibek | Kyrgyzstan
    Thesis topic: 
  • MILLER, Dane | United States of America
    Thesis topic: Developments in Monastic Rule of Life in the High Middle Ages
  • NAGY, Eszter| Hungary
    Thesis topic: 
  • PARVANOV, Petar| Bulgaria
    Thesis topic: 
  • PETROSYAN, Ester | Armenia
    Thesis topic: Syriac 11 Manuscript; Tri-lingual dictionary kept in Franciscan order in Cairo (Detailed examination)
  • RICHMOND, Paige | United States of America
    Thesis topic: Gender Dynamics in the Economic Framework of the Holy Roman Empire
  • SHARP, Robert| United Kingdom
    Thesis topic: The use of Arianism as a political tool in post-Roman Europe, in the fifth to seventh-centuries
  • SHPAKAU, Miraslau | Belarus
    Thesis topic: Perception of Rus by Ethnic Lithuanian Elites of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 15-16 Centuries
    Supervisor: tba
  • TUNCA, Ece | Turkey
    Thesis topic: The Textual and Historiographical Dimensions of Gazavatnames
  • VERES, Kristof Gyorgy| Hungary
    Thesis topic: Stabilization of the entirely structured litterae priviligiales in Hungary
  • VUJNOVIC, Milica | Serbia
    Thesis topic: Animals in the Old Slavic Religion
Year Two (20123/2014–2014/2015)
  • DAROVSKIKH, Andrey | Russian Federation
    Thesis topic: Nemesius's "On the Nature of Man": Between Philosophy and Medicine
    Supervisor: Perczel, Istvan
  • FARCAS, Andrei | Romania
    Thesis topic: Maces in Medieval Transylvania - 13th-16th centuries
    Supervisor: Laszlovszky, Jozsef
  • GIAMMANCO, Amanda | US
    Thesis topic: Never Give Your Real Name: Jachia ibn Mehmet’s Pursuit of the Ottoman Throne in Early Seventeenth-century Confessional Diplomacy  
    Supervisor: Krstic, Tijana
  • HAYRAPETYAN, Piruza | Armenia
    Thesis topic: Gandz (Armenian Church Poetry Genre) in the Context of Byzantine Church Poetry
    Supervisor: Perczel, Istvan
  • ROJAS MOLINA, Grabiela | Venezuela
    Thesis topic: The Religious Context of Blood Revenge: The Kanun in Northern Albania in the Mid-Fifteenth Century
    Supervisors: Jaritz, Gerhard; Ziemann, Daniel
  • ROTHSTEIN-DOWDEN, Zachary| United States of America
    Thesis topic: The Redactive Style and Method of Simeon Metaphrastes
    Supervisors: Perczel, Istvan; Buzasi, Gabor
  • SULOVSKY, Vedran | Croatia
    Thesis topic: The Political Iconography of Emperor Frederick Barbarossa and His Circle
    Supervisor: Ziemann, Daniel
  • VASILJEVIC, Bojana | Serbia
    Thesis topic: Fear of the Turks"": Fear in Serbian Territories During the 14th and 15th Centuries
    Supervisors: Krstic, Tijana
  • XU, Zhexin | China
    Thesis topic: The Perceptions of Horse in Thirteenth-and-Fourteenth-Century China
    Supervisor: Choyke, Alice and Jaritz, Gerhard


Fall term:

  • BOZGAN, Elif | Istanbul Sehir University
  • CONSTANTINO, Vincenza | University of Naples Frederico II
  • DE ANGELIS, Francesca | University of Naples Frederico II
  • GOLAB, Dawid | Academy of Pedagogy, Cracow
  • HELD, Samuel | Ludwig-Maximillian-University of Munich
  • KULPA, Kacper | Academy of Pedagogy, Cracow
  • SCHMIDT, Daniel | University of Heidelberg
  • TUI, Altar | Tallin University