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PhD Medieval Studies, Central European University, Budapest (2006)
MA Medieval Studies, Central European University, Budapest (1998)
BA/Licenţă Classics, Universitatea de Vest, Timişoara (1997)
Academic/Professional Experience and Achievements: 


Junior Fellow at the Collegium Budapest, Institute of Advanced Studies (May-July 2010).

Early Stage Research Fellow at the Istituto di Studi Avanzati, University of Bologna (January–July 2009) with the project “Uprooting the Tree of Desire: Male Homoeroticism and its Problematization in the Monastic Milieus of Late Antique Gaza.”

Research Fellow at the New Europe College, Bucharest (2002/3) with the project “How to Love Thy Neighbour: Late Antique Monastic Problematisation of Homoerotic Behaviour.”

Since 2007, Senior Fellow at the Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies (formerly Center of Hellenic Studies), Central European University, Budapest.

Participation in International Research Projects:

Member of the research team for the project “Our Mythical Childhood... Classics and Children's Literature Between East and West,” coordinated by Katarzyna Marciniak and Elżbieta Olechowska and organized by the Center for the Studies on the Classical Tradition (OBTA), Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies “Artes Liberales” (Warsaw) and the Loeb Classical Library Foundation.

Researcher for the ESF-OTKA Research Project "Communicating Sainthood-Constituting Regions and Nations in Central-Eastern Europe: Tenth to Sixteenth Centuries" coordinated by Gábor Klaniczay (2010-2013).

“Gnôthi seauton! Classics and Communism; The History of Studies on Antiquity in the Context of the Local Classical Tradition, Socialist Countries 1944/5-1989/90,” a focus group convened by Jerzy Axer and György Karsai, Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (Warsaw) and Collegium Budapest, 2009/10.

Translation Projects:

“Life of Saint Adalbert Bishop of Prague and Martyr” [first annotated English translation of BHL 37]. In Saints of the Christianization Age of Central Europe (Tenth-Eleventh Centuries). Ed. G. Klaniczay, trans. and ann. C. Gașpar and M. Miladinov, 95-181. Budapest: Central European University Press, 2012.

Translator of the Minor Prophets for the New Romanian Septuagint Translation project at the New Europe College (Bucharest, 2002/2007). Annotated Romanian translation published as Septuaginta, vol. 5, Osea. Amos. Michea. Ioel. Abdias. Iona. Naum. Avacum. Sophonia. Aggeu. Zaharia. Malachia, [Romanian ] trans. C. Gaşpar, ed. C. Bădiliţă et al. Iaşi: Polirom, 2009. 648 p. ISBN: 9789734614288.

Prizes and Awards:

2007 CEU Third Best Dissertation Award.

2005 CEU Academic Achievement Award for Doctoral Students.

1998 Certificate of proficiency in Medieval Latin (Ph. D. level) awarded by the Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto.

1993 "Menzione onorevole" awarded at the international Latin competition Certamen Ciceronianum Arpinas, 13th edition.

Membership in Professional Associations:

Since 2007, member of the International Association of Patristic Studies, North-American Patristics Society, and Hagiotheca-Croatian Hagiographic Society.

Since 2001, founding member of the Romanian Society of Indo-European Studies.

Between 2003 and 2005, member of the editorial board of Khōra. Revue d’Études Anciennes et Médievales: Philosophie, Théologie, Sciences.

Other Academic Achievements:

In 2005, paid guest lecturer, Szépmüvészeti Múzeum, Budapest: “Az egyiptomi szerzetesség változó vonásai” [The changing face of the Egyptian monasticism] within the lecture series accompanying the Coptic Art Exhibition (“A fáraók után: a kopt művészet kincsei Egyiptomból”).


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Ancient Greek
Postclassical Greek
Medieval Latin
Indo-European Studies
Late Antiquity
byzantine studies
Ancient Sexualities
Monastic Sexualities
Classical Latin
Septuagint Studies
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Courses taught by Cristian-Nicolae Gaşpar

Reading Medieval Latin Literature: Texts, Contexts, Critical Approaches 2014/2015
Medieval Latin Text Seminar: Reading and Interpreting Virgil in Late Antiquity 2014/2015
Academic Latin: An Introduction to Research Methodology 2014 2014/2015
Academic Latin: An Introduction to Research Methodology 2013/2014
Saints, Miracles, Audiences: Genre and Function 2013/2014
Medieval Latin Text Seminar: Alexander the Great from East to West 2013/2014
Medieval Latin Literature: Texts, Contexts, Critical Approaches 2013/2014
SLTG 5919 Academic Latin: An Introduction to Research Methodology 2012/2013
MEDS 6931 Medieval Latin Text Seminar: Imagining the Eastern Mediterranean in the Latin West 2012/2013
Latin Intermediate I: An Introduction to the Bible in Latin 2012/2013
Latin Beginner I 2012/2013
Medieval Latin Literature: Texts, Contexts, Reading Strategies 2012/2013
SLTG 5122: Latin Beginner II (Life, Love, and Death in Latin Inscriptions) 2011/2012
MEDS 6924 Medieval Latin Text Seminar: Latin in the East 2011/2012
MEDS 6303 Advanced Latin Text Seminar: Ottonian Hagiography - The Vitae of St. Adalbert of Prague 2011/2012
SLTG 5123: Intermediate Latin II (An Introduction to Latin Poetry) 2011/2012
SLTG 5222 Intermediate Latin I: An Introduction to the Bible in Latin 2011/2012
SLTG 5022 Latin Beginner I 2011/2012
SLTG 5919 Academic Latin: An Introduction to Research Methodology 2011/2012
SLTG 5122: Latin Beginner II 2010/2011
SLTG 5123: Intermediate Latin II 2010/2011
SLTG 5023 Latin Intermediate I 2010/2011
SLTG 5022 Latin Beginner I 2010/2011
MEDS 6926: Medieval Latin Text Seminar: Texts from Late Antique Constantinople 2010/2011
MEDS 5833 Latin Intermediate: The Peregrinatio Egeriae 2009/2010
MEDS 5909 Latin (Beginner II) 2009/2010


Book Chapter
Gaspar, C.. "The Emperor Who Conversed with the Angels : The Making of a ‘Pagan’ Saint in the Fourth Century." In Memory, humanity, and meaning : selected essays in honor of Andrei Plesu's sixtieth anniversary, edited by M. Neamtu and B. Tataru-Cazaban, 233-248. Bucuresti: Zeta Books, 2009.
Gaspar, C.. "The King of Kings and the Holy Men : Royal Authority and Sacred Power in the Early Byzantine World." In Monotheistic kingship : the medieval variants, edited by A. Al-Azmeh and J. M. Bak, 63-88. Pasts incorporated : CEU studies in the humanities , no. 3. Budapest: CEU Press, 2004.
Gaspar, C.. "Cassian’s Syrian Monastic Contemporaries." In Jean Cassien entre l’Orient et l’Occident actes du colloque international, Bucarest, 27-28 septembre 2001, edited by C. Badilita and A. Jakab, 15-33. Paris, Iasi: Beauchesne and Polirom, 2003.
Journal Article
Gaspar, C.. "Praising the Stylite in Southern Italy : Philagathos of Cerami on St. Symeon the Stylite [BHG 822]." Annuario dell'Istituto romeno di cultura e ricerca umanistica di Venezia, no. 4 (2002): 93-108.
Gaspar, C.. "The Oath of the Indo-European Warrior." Studia indo-europaea : revue de mythologie et de linguistique comparée 1 (2001): 255-263.