Master of Arts in Medieval Studies (one-year)

Our research-oriented, intensive MA program in Medieval Studies grants a interdisciplinary Master of Arts degree in Medieval Studies, while encouraging students to focus on their chosen area of specialty within a highly comparative and interdisciplinary framework.

The CEU Medieval Studies one-year MA program is a multidisciplinary program emphasizing the interconnectedness of different facets of the medieval past. Students with backgrounds in history, philology/literature, philosophy, art history or archaeology and a focus on Late Antiquity,  medieval Latin, Byzantine, Slavonic or early modern Ottoman culture are welcome (Approximate time frame: 300-1600 CE).
The core curriculum reflects the multi- and interdisciplinary goals of the department, which include an emphasis on modern research methodologies and intense work with the languages of medieval source materials.

In the one-year MA program entering students are expected to be familiar with, and have basic research skills in their areas of specialty, but they should also be prepared to become familiar with related topics, subjects and approaches that are not immediately or directly connected to their chosen main field or the subjects of their theses. The department strives to supplement and improve on the expertise students bring with them from their former university (undergraduate or graduate) studies.

Faculty members offer guidance, assistance, and supervision of the students’ own creative work and, naturally, information on fields that students may not have studied earlier. They also help students navigate on the international academic scene.

Program and Course Structure


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