MA in Comparative History: Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies (two-year)

The two-year program specifically addresses the needs of students who have a three-year background in history or or another discipline related to Medieval Studies. It aims at understanding persistent themes in the experience of these regions in a longue durée perspective while allowing students to increasingly immerse themselves in their chosen key area of research and its specific methodologies.

With some common courses in the first two terms, students of this program basically consist of two large groups, one of which, affiliated to our Department, with a focus on Medieval Studies. The combination of the MA curriculum for medievalists and modernists allows for a thorough explanation of classical and medieval origins of modernity, and a sensitivity to the persistence of long-term trends up to the present.

The CEU two-year MA program is shared between the Medieval Studies and History Departments. Students enter the program with a three-year BA or other degree (like an American four-year BA); they usually like to have a bit more time in order to gain background knowledge before embarking on doctoral research. Students in the first year of the program attend classes in both departments; they prepare and defend a prospectus of their proposed MA thesis and those planning a medieval topic learn, or polish their knowledge of, medieval source languages. In the second year students move into one of the departments depending on the MA thesis topic they wish to pursue and write and defend a thesis on either a topic in either modern history or medieval studies. The medieval studies’ program is multidisciplinary, which is reflected in the curriculum and means that students, whatever their backgrounds, are expected to obtain basic training and participate in research discussions of various fields of medieval scholarship, like history, literature, linguistics, art history, philosophy, philology, archaeology and other areas. Faculty members offer guidance, assistance, and supervision of the students’ own creative work and, naturally, information on fields that students may not have studied earlier. They also help students navigate on the international academic scene. Completing the two-year MA program results in a degree in Historical Studies with a Specialization in Medieval Studies.