Student Profiles

Veronika Csikos (Hungary) - Doctoral Student

The CEU Medieval Studies Department presents ways to think differently about the medieval histories of Central Europe and the Central Mediterranean as well as its ancient languages. It offers an interdisciplinary approach that was completely unknown to me not only during my local university education but in a certain sense also in my narrover fiels of research (medieval history of art in Central Europe). By using this methodology, I was able to tackle connections in my doctoral research which may have well been invisible to me otherwise. I hope, that by writing my dissertation by these means, I can contribute to opening up new ways in the methodology of Hungarian (and Central European) research of medieval art history.


Zara Pogossian (Armenia) - Class of 2004
Adjunct Professor of History, John Cabot University, Rome, Italy

While studying at CEU's Department of Medieval Studies, I always felt as if I was at the center of everything that was happening in this field. We knew about the latest research done by Western medievalists, thanks to the rich medieval library at CEU. Thanks also to the many fellow students and professors from Eastern European countries, we always knew what was happening in those parts of the world. When you add to scholarly fulfilment the chnce to meet so many interesting people from a multitude of different countries you have a receipe for a wonderful year (or even years to come) in Budapest!