CEU's Department of Medieval Studies is proud of its strong publishing activity – from the renowned CEU Mediaevalia series, designed to promote Central European history of the Middle Ages among western academiae, via our Annual of Medieval Studies, offering a platform to the work of our distinguished alumni/ae, to the Medieval News, regularly informing the (medieval) world about 'what's on' at the Department.

CEU Mediaevalia – Medieval Studies at Central Europan University Press

ISSN 1587-6470

The CEU Medievalia series aims to be a complex publication series presenting handbooks on the state of various research fields and source collections, with a particular focus on Central European history of the Middle Ages.

Series Editor: József Laszlovszky
Series Technical Editor: Annabella Pál

Vol. 1: The Crusade and the Military Orders. Expanding the Frontiers of Medieval Latin Christianity. Edited by Zsolt Hunyadi and József Laszlovszky (2001).

Vol. 2: Guide to Visual Resources of Medieval East-Central Europe. Edited by Béla Zsolt Szakács (2001).

Vol. 3: Oral history of the Middle Ages. The spoken World in Context. Edited by Gerhard Jaritz and Michael Richter (2001).

Vol. 4: Ibn Khaldûn. An Essay in Reinterpretation. By Aziz Al-Azmeh (2003).

Vol. 5: People and Nature in Historical Perspective. Edited by József Laszlovszky and Péter Szabó (2003).

Vol. 6: Latin Classisc in Medieval Hungary: Eleventh Century. By Előd Nemerkényi (2004).

Vol. 7: Monotheistic Kingship: The Medieval Variant. Edited by János M. Bak and Aziz Al-Azmeh (2004).

Vol. 8: The Long Arm of Papal Authority. Edited by Gerhard Jaritz, Torstein Jorcewsen and Kirsi Salonen (2004).

Vol. 9: Catalogues of the Slavonic Cyrillic Manuscripts of the National Széchényi Library. Edited by Ralph Cleminson, Elissaveta Moussakova and Nina Voutova (2006).

Vol. 10: .... at usque ad ultimum terrae.The Apostolic Pententiary in Local Contexts. Edited by Gerhard Jaritz, Torsten Jørgensen and Kirsi Salonen (2007).

Vol. 11: The Edges of the Medieval World. Edited by Gerhard Jaritz and Juhan Kreem (2009).

Vol. 12: Promoting the Saints. Cults and Their Contexts from Late Antiquity until the Early Modern Period. Edited by Ottó Gecser , József Laszlovszky, Balázs Nagy, Marcell Sebők and Katalin Szende (2010).

Vol. 13: The Hospitallers in the Medieval Kingdom of Hungary c. 1150-1387. By Zsolt Hunyadi (2010).

Vol. 14: Isolated Islands in Medieval Nature, Culture and Mind. Edited by Torstein Jørgensen and Gerhard Jaritz (2011).

Vol. 15: Angels, Devils. The Supernatural and Its Visual Representation. Edited by Gerhard Jaritz (2011).

Vol. 16: Violence and the Medieval Clergy. Edited by Gerhard Jaritz and Ana Marinkovic (2011).

Vol. 17: The Harbour of All this Sea and Realm Crusader to Venetian Famagusta. Edited by Michael J.K. Walsh, Tamás Kiss, Nicholas S.H. Coureas (2014).


Annual of Medieval Studies at CEU – our alumni/ae journal

ISSN 1219-0616

The volumes of the Annual of Medieval Studies at CEU offer articles on various aspects of the history of the fields of research pursued in the Department – with a traditional focus on Central and South-Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages, including Byzantium – and provide summary articles of the MA theses and PhD dissertations defended in the Department in recent academic years.
The first volume was published in 1995; volume 20 (2014) proudly celebrated the Department's twentieth anniversary.

Editors: Katalin Szende, Judith Rasson
Editorial Board: Niels Gaul, György Geréby, Gerhard Jaritz, Gábor Klaniczay, József Laszlovszky, Marianne Sághy

'Every year when I open the Annual of the Medieval Studies Department of the Central European University I unfold a map of Europe, a true wide map as I have always deeply wished it to be, now come true. I know, leafing its pages, that I can move through the holy fools of Russia to the urban ceremonials of the Baltic cities, to pilgrimages in the Balkans and in Scandinavia, to a whole richness marvellously opened up for me. It’s something to which I have in recent decades been deeply grateful. It is one of those dreams which I never dared to think, when rising in the mid-1960s, would become so marvellously true.'

Peter Brown (Princeton University; CEU honorary doctorate 2005)

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Medieval News – our annual newsletter

Editors: Annabella Pál, Cristian-Nicolae Gaşpar